Surf Camp Andalucia

When I arrived to Conil de la Frontera one of the surf instructors at the camp, Andy, met up with me and showed me the apartment I’m staying in. It’s located right in the centre of the village, not very far from the beach and it’s very spacious and clean. At the moment I’m sharing the apartment with one German and two Spanish girls who are all fluent in Spanish, which gives me a great chance to learn some of the language by listening to their conversations.

The first night, we went out dining at a typical Spanish restaurant with tapas of fish, meat and some delicious local specialities.

This Friday I was down at the beach all day photographing the surf school. Conil is really beautiful in the morning with its wide beaches and picturesque white houses. In the evening we went out for drinks with all the people attending the surf school. For being a relatively small village, this place has a lot of pulse and nightlife to offer!

Yesterday we went to a nearby beach called El Palmar, just relaxing and awaiting the sunset. We went on by going to a real gem of a bar called El Pico de la Ola, which means “the peak of the wave”. Being there was like hanging out in a friend’s back yard listening to music, drinking Mojitos and I was enjoying the best pizza I’ve eaten in a very long time.

Tomorrow I hope that I will get to surf a little myself. It’s too tempting just standing on the beach watching the others having the time of their life!

Surf’s up!

// Nick

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2 Responses to Surf Camp Andalucia

  1. paula says:

    REALLY GREAT PISC! captured the spirit of the moment(s), nick! man, this just makes you miss things a lot more… hope you’ve had a blast on your tour and now are doing fine back home in sweden! hugs, the german girl, muahahaha

  2. paula says:

    PICS i mean, hahaha…

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