Leaving Spain, entering Portugal

I felt sad to leave Conil de la Frontera, right when I was getting to know the town, the beaches and the people. The last day of my stay, I even ordered breakfast completely in Spanish. “Hola! Churros para mi, café largo con poco leche y una tostada medio con mermelada de fresa, por favor.” Conil is a lovely place that I’m already longing to come back to. To sum it all up, Surf camp Andalucia (http://www.unitedsurfcamps.com/surf-camp/Andalucia) really set the bar high for the other camps that I’m about to visit.

Before heading into Portugal, I made some stops along the way. First off was Cadiz. The old town district got me thinking about an Italian little village, with narrow streets and flowers hanging out from the balconies. Here I met up with Paula (the german girl I met in Conil) to eat a three courses lunch including some Spanish delicacies. Afterwards, I gave Paula a ride to Sevilla, which I’m also glad I got to see at a close range. Driving through the city, we awed each and every minute over the beautiful churches, monuments and houses we got to see. Although, the one-way streets in the town centre shaped a maze that stalled me for a while before I managed to get out on the highway towards Portugal.

Considering that I’ve got a whole bag full of give-aways to the camps I’m visiting, I was a bit nervous about the customs being suspicious about my purpose of crossing the border. To my relief, there wasn’t any customs at all. Next up, was picking up my girlfriend at Faro Airport. She is joining me for the surf camps in Algarve and Lisbon. Feels great to have some company on the road other than the GPS voice telling me to take the second exit in the roundabout.

There have been a lot of new impressions, arriving to the surf camp here in Algarve. I’ll get back to you soon with an update.

Hasta luego!

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2 Responses to Leaving Spain, entering Portugal

  1. Ylva says:

    Oh, I sure miss sweet old Cádiz! Studied there in 2004. It almost looks like you took a photo of what used to be my street…

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