Roadtrip along the Portuguese coast

After a great stay at the surf camp in Algarve, the next destination was the surf camp outside of Lisbon. One of the best things about staying at the surf camps is all the great tips you get from the surf camp managers of places to visit, local dishes that you should try or other points of interest.

Because of all the recommendations, we had planned five different stops on our way to the surf camp at Praia das Macas.

At the first stop, we had a lunch break in Vila Nova de Milfontes, a stunning village with an entertaining story. The locals joke about that the name of the town is based upon three lies;

▪     Vila (village) – Founding the “village”, there was less than the required inhabitants
to claim the state of village.

▪     Nova (new) – It isn’t new.

▪     De Milfontes (a thousand fountains or springs) – There has never been a thousand fountains or springs.

Due to heavy trafic driving into Lisbon, we got a bit delayed and decided to head straight to Sintra, skipping Estoril and Cascais (yet another reason to come back here). It turned out to be a wise decision since there is a lot to see in Sintra. My girlfriend and me decided to take on the challenge of reaching the top of Castello de los Moros through the walking trail. To our disappointment, they hade closed the inside of the castle when we got there but the outside offered some remarkable ruins that made it worth the while.

Since I always arrive to the next place in the evening, the darkness makes it hard to get a grip of the place. Praia das Macas was no exeption, but I’m eager to experience it the following days.

// Nick


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