Surf camp Lisbon

The surf camp outside Lisbon is located at Praia das Macas; a beach with golden sand, clear sea and the village offers restaurants wherever you look.

When we arrived at the accommodation, we were overwhelmed by all of the decorations of surfboards, cool signs and testimonials written on the walls from satisfied people who had been there. Judging from this, we could tell that we had arrived to a true surfhouse. Just a few minutes away from Praia das Macas there is an idyllic village, Azenhas do Mar, situated right on the ledge of some cliffs. The view itself is worth a visit.

During our stay, we also got to visit the nearby fishing village, Ericeira, which is also a great place for surfing. Those days the surf lessons were held at Foz de Lizandro, which has a really modern boardwalk leading you down to the beach.

One of the evenings we got the whole gang gathered for a barbecue at the house. I’m getting spoiled with all the tasty food and the nice company, and since we had a barbecue in Algarve too it’s soon to be a tradition!

Leaving Lisbon was even sader than usual since I had to drop off my girlfriend at the airport for her to could go back to Sweden. So now I’m all alone on the road again. But only until I get to the next camp in Porto!

Talk to you soon again.

// Nick


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