Heading back to Spain

From the point that I took off from Porto it didn’t take long before I passed the border to Spain. I was met by a verdant Galicia with winding roads through narrow mountain passes, deep valleys and dense forests. Mountain peaks stretching up into the sky was encircled by fog. The atmosphere was simply magic.

When I was entering the highway to Santander there were about 20 policemen, (Guardia Civil) equipped with machine guns and holding a spike strip. I’m glad it wasn’t me they were looking for …

The car drive was long but fuss-free and I had a good time listening to the radio that played some Spanish music as well as good old English classics.

Now when I’ve arrived to the Surf camp here in Santander, hasta luego amigos!

// Nick


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2 Responses to Heading back to Spain

  1. Hey Nick,
    nice blog you got there going! The photos look amazing! I have to check that out for sure! It was good talking to you on the plane from Stuttgart to Kopenhagen!

    • Hi Tim! Thanks. Yes, the surroundings as well as the surf was amazing so it wasn’t hard to get good footage! Nice meeting you too. Good luck with your exchange semester. I’m sure you will have a great time! // Nick

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