Surf camp Santander

Arriving to the Surf camp in Santander I was greeted by the surf camp manager, Damian. He put me in their upgraded accommodation, a double room in a hotel, and I sure wouldn’t argue with that treatment!

The closest beach area consists of Playa Loredo and the two landmarks La Isla (the island) and La Roca (the rock), as you can see on the posted pictures.

After shooting some video of the first day’s surf lessons at Playa Loredo, one of the staff members at the camp, John, offered me and the other guests to go surfing at Playa Langre in the evening. Since the session was off John’s working hours, you can tell that he really likes what he does for a living. This friendliness prevailed throughout the whole staff that took great care of everyone with perpetual smiles on their faces.

The conditions for surfing were undoubtedly the best of the trip from my point of view. I got to surf some clean waves and I’m starting to get a good routin of catching them. Now the really fun part begins: to practice turning and learn some tricks!

In the weekend, I headed into the centre of Santander with two new Italian friends from the surf school. We enjoyed a tasty dinner and had a short sightseeing of the city.

The last day of my stay in Santander, there was a big horse racing competition at the beach. It was pretty cool watching them pass by at the speed of lightning (not really, but quite fast) right where people normally sunbath. However, this didn’t stop me from getting some surf in the afternoon, crowning an awesome weak of surf in Santander.

// Nick

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2 Responses to Surf camp Santander

  1. Ashley Harvey says:

    my stay was just as gr8…. i spent alot of time with john he is a gr8 guy as is damien and ALL of the team!!!!!!
    v v v v v v recomended to everyone!

    Ashley Harvey

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