Surf camp Hossegor

Now I see why Hossegor is considered to be “the surfing capital of Europe”. This place has endless beaches with legendary breaks such as La Nord, La Graviére and Capbreton to name a few, and the whole town eradiates surfing. There are surf shops along the streets, conversations usually end up in discussing how the conditions will be the next day and every year the best surfers in the world are gathered here for the WCT Quiksilver Pro championship.

The Surf camp in Hossegor has a surf house just a minute by foot from the beach. Both broken and whole surfboards decorate the walls, the bookshelfs are full of surf movies and you can go surfing any time you want.

We got some of the best surfing early in the morning. For this reason, we managed to get up around 6 am some of the days. Although, we didn’t get up that early after experiencing the nightlife of the town. One evening, we broke the local record of 20 Jägerbombs (Shots of Jägermeister in glasses of Red Bull) at the bar Seaside and continued the night at the all so popular Dick’s Sand Bar for an eighties theme party. So if you want to have some good nights out, you can definitely find this too here!

When you visit Hossegor, there are a few “must do’s” that the surf camp managers recommend:

Party at Dick’s Sand Bar – CHECK

Jump from the bridge (make sure it is high tide!) – CHECK

Eat a hamburger at Hossegor Sandwiches – CHECK

Check out the Surfers Walk of Fame – CHECK

Some other stuff that I don’t remember – UNCHECKED

So I guess I have to return and check that off the list. But I certainly won’t mind!

// Nick

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