Last post of the European Summer Tour Blog 2011

It’s too bad that such a great adventure must come to an end, but United Surf Camps European Summer Tour 2011 is finished and so is the blogging about it.

I thought that I would sum up the trip in some fun facts. I have:

– Driven over 3 200 km

– Taken 1 721 photos and shot 1 325 movie clips

– Surfed for about 30 hours


So thank you United Surf Camps for making me a better driver and a better photographer. But first and foremost, thank you for making me a better surfer and for the best summer job I could ever imagine.

Until I have edited the film-material about each camp, you can have a look at the movie below to get an insight of how my visits to the surf camps have felt like.

Thank you for following the blog and good luck with your future surfing!

// Nick


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